Top five reasons why I chose to go home based and join The Travel Agent Next Door


We’ve asked some of the 300 agents at The Travel Agent Next Door to tell us the top five reasons why they decided to become a home based agent and go into business for themselves. We also asked them why they chose The Travel Agent Next Door and what are the top three benefits they would recommend to other agents.

In this column, we are featuring the responses from Amanda Ficzere, The Travel Agent Next Door, L’Orignal, Ontario.

1) I started my career in a retail agency, it was a constant struggle to adhere to business hours as well as attend to my family's needs – so, I was more and more booking my appointments after hours. 2) As a home based agent I can provide a more personalized experience with my clients, while balancing my home life. 3) Now, I never miss a soccer game or school play. 4) My clients love that I go to them and give them as much time as they need to plan their vacation. 5) I could not have provided this kind of personalized service in an office environment.

Top three reasons I chose The Travel Agent Next Door

  1. Support. After receiving a phone call from Flemming well after his business hours, my whole outlook on the industry and my career changed for the better. Our agents refer to The Travel Agent Next Door as a family. I can’t say enough about our head-office staff, from the support staff to VP's they are all there to help you.
  2. Training. The training programs we have access to are fantastic, there is always something available to help us grow our business.
  3. Growth. To be a part of a business that is new and growing steadily is amazing. To answer why I chose The Travel Agent Next Door. I am honored that they chose me.

Top three benefits of being part of The Travel Agent Next Door

  1. Our marketing program is fantastic. We have people behind the scenes constantly providing us with new and innovative ways for us to promote and grow our business.
  2. Low monthly fees cover all of this including our own website, full access to the extranet with all tools we need as agents to run our business.
  3. The Travel Agent Next Door is a company that was built on many years of experience. Flemming and Penny have worked very hard to secure strong industry relationships, all of which bring benefits to us agents.