SkyLink brings annual roadshow to Toronto

SkyLink brings annual roadshow to Toronto
Yuvraj Datta, chief commercial officer, Mondee, Inc.; Sandeep Mamgain, general manager, SkyLink.

SkyLink’s annual trade show rolled into Toronto last night, presenting travel agents with the opportunity to meet with the company and suppliers at the city’s Woodbine Banquet Hall. Representatives from fifteen different suppliers were on hand to greet agents and provide product updates at the networking event.

Yuvraj Datta, chief commercial officer of Mondee, Inc., which owns SkyLink, said that the main purpose of the show – making its eighth annual appearance – was to allow agents to liaise with suppliers and stay up-to-date with the latest information in the fast-paced industry.

“Our whole focus with these trade shows is bringing suppliers to the agents,” he commented. “This is basically a pause, letting them [the agents] update with us as a company, and more importantly with our partners, their suppliers, at a single platform.”

The evening also afforded the company the opportunity to present the latest updates to its TripPro booking engine, which allows agents to access all net and published fares offered by the company; currently, it claims more than 15,000 users.

Central to these updates is Invoice Master, a new feature that takes care of the administrative concerns of ticketing and invoicing – meaning that the agent can spend more time focusing on delivering sales.

“Every year, we update our technology,” said Sandeep Mamgain, general manager, SkyLink. “This year, we are coming up with Invoice Master… when they [the agents] issue the ticket, in the same ticket dashboard, they can see the invoice, immediately. It means that they don’t have to wait for the email to come in to look into it.”

Invoice Master gives agents immediate, easy access to invoices, statements, earned commission and fare amounts, meaning they don't have to check with suppliers about these and helping them focus more on customer service and agency profit. The update, Mamgain said, would launch at the end of May.

“This is just a step in many other new things which we are going to bring about,” he commented. “TripPro is going to evolve as a platform going forward. These are the foundation steps, from pre-sale to post-sale. From there, we are going to take it to a newer level.”

The technology updates, he said, reflected the company’s commitment to the continued development of its program, allowing agents to work through one central repository.

“This is going to be the travel agent’s desktop of the future,” he commented, “and it will be like a one-stop shop. This is where we are heading.”

The SkyLink roadshow had already travelled to Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton prior to its appearance in Toronto, and is due to make one more scheduled stop, in London, Ontario, this Thursday (May 18).