Select Air Transat flights to sell excursions onboard

Transat has announced that excursions are now sold on board Air Transat flights to Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. These allow travellers to plan cultural, aquatic or nature activities even before they arrive at their destination.

Passengers can consult the brochure in the seat pocket in front of them that lists the best activities at each destination and book the excursions of their choice with the flight attendant. Payment will be made by credit card, in Canadian dollars.

Transat celebrates this launch with a promotion, offering travellers a 15 per cent discount on excursions bought on board an Air Transat flight between March 10 and April 30.

Passengers can also buy these excursions at a travel agency or online, at It is recommended that they book in advance to ensure payment in Canadian dollars and availability for the most popular activities. Excursions can also be booked with Transat destination representatives while on vacation.

To find out more about the variety of excursions offered by Transat, visit

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