Air Transat rolls out new European destinations ad campaign

Air Transat has introduced its new ad campaign promoting its 27 European destinations to Canadians. In keeping with its “Vacation is calling” theme and developed in partnership with the Sid Lee creative agency, the campaign was unveiled on March 6. It will be featured on the Web, social media, television, the radio, billboards and in print media.

“On TV and the Web, Air Transat presents two videos based on the anticipation of a vacation in London and Greece, featuring stories that highlight the happiness we feel when booking a European holiday with Air Transat,” says Geneviève LeBrun, vice-president, marketing at Transat Tours Canada. “Transat reaffirms its role as a leader in holiday travel to Europe, a market in which it has been present for 30 years, and stands out for its wide variety of destinations, available by direct flight.”

The videos of the campaign can be viewed on YouTube:

• London:

• Greece (available in French only):

The billboard campaign will particularly be featured in the greater Toronto area for the next four weeks, but it will also be presented in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Quebec City. In addition, Air Transat will surprise consumers by offering hors d’oeuvres in 16 restaurants – Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish and French – in Montreal and Toronto, giving them a taste of the flavours they would encounter at some of its popular destinations.

Air Transat’s summer 2017 transatlantic flight program offers 27 destinations, now available to a greater number of travellers thanks to its enriched connecting flight service. The airline also recently unveiled a new destination, Tel Aviv in Israel.

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