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10-20-2016 9:43 am

If you are a small agency owner, chances are you are spending a lot of your time doing everything BUT selling travel. That's because you have to take care of running the business and managing staff. The Travel Agent Next Door offers a solution to change all that, once and for all!

And — even better - how does being fully supported for the next year sound? The Travel Agent Next Door is running a contest where you can win your first year of fully hosted services for free. But hurry - the Travel Agent Next Door Free Yourself & Get MORE Contest ends on Oct. 31, 2016.

Not just a home-based network

Yes, the Travel Agent Next Door has a very successful home based agent network. BUT, they have taken those same support services and are offering a great program for small agencies too.

Right now, the Travel Agent Next Door is reaching out to small, storefront agencies that are looking for ways to grow their sales and increase profitability. The Travel Agent Next Door Founder, Flemming Friisdahl says he can show agency owners how they can reduce administrative costs - and their workload.

“What’s great is, they can get back to doing what they love, which is selling travel,” he says.

As an agency owner, once you can concentrate on sales instead of admin, you become re-energized about your business and your sales and profits grow. The Travel Agent Next Door takes care of a lot of your former costs.

These include ACTA, TICO, IATA, BCCP fees; website and marketing costs; accounting system and accounting staff expenses; phone & fax line costs; and errors & omissions insurance.
You can even save on rent if you decide to take your operation home-based, an option that several savvy agency owners have taken - with great results!

Call Flemming!

Flemming Friisdahl would like to have a conversation with any agency owner who is feeling overwhelmed, or who is considering closing or selling their agency.

“I can show them how things could be vastly different, how they can stay in business and grow their sales," Friisdahl said. "They don’t have to sell or retire, and they can enjoy being in the travel business again. To every agency owner who is feeling disillusioned, I say please call me."

Full details on The Travel Agent Next Door Free Yourself & Get MORE Contest are available here.

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