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Taiwan covers an area of 36,000 square kilometers, which is the 38th largest island in the world in the Pacific Northwest with 70% of the hilly terrain. It is because of this that the Taiwanese tourism industry is developing immensely when it owns the beautiful scenery of green, Moreover, there is a unique culture, rich cuisine and friendly people.

Round-trip international airline ticket, flying with Vanilla Air Airport tax 2 countries + security tax + fuel fee. Standard luggage: Deposit 20kg / guest + portable 10kg / guest Taiwan Visa, Taiwan Immigration (Departure and Departure)  3 star hotel, standard 1 room 2 pax.  Meals according to the program  Air-conditioned car travels under the program  Program Visage + Virgo Kobo Pineapple Cake DIY Cake Making Class.  Vietnamese tour guides join the tour through professional local guides and guides in Taiwan.  Global travel insurance with a maximum coverage of $ 50,000 per guest.  Gifts: travel bags, travel hats, passport covers. TOUR PRICES ARE NOT INCLUDED  Fees for passports, re-entry visa Vietnam for guests using foreign passports.  Drink alcoholic beverages at meals, telephone charges, laundry, luggage charges in excess of aviation regulations.  Expenses for moving day, changing flight rates, upgrading airfares, single room charges and personal expenses outside of the program.  Compensation for tour guides and drivers (600,000 VND / person) collected before the trip